Sunday, 18 September 2011

Goulburn, Bowral and beyond...

I did a mini road trip a few weekends ago up to Newcastle and on the way up I stopped in Goulburn to have a look in some op shops. On the way back I did the same, but this time stopping at Bowral. I must say, these towns with well to do folk, have some of the best clothing up for grabs. I went to the Smith Family and Salvo's op shops in Bowral and the Vinnies in Mittagong. I missed the Father Rileys and Vinnies in Bowral but I am going back to the Southern Highlands in a few weeks so I will check them out then. But in the meantime, check out my stash... 

I picked up this red nurses cape from the Red Cross op shop in Goulburn for $2. 100% wool, made in Australia... I love it!
From Bowral Smith Family op shop I got two black and white jackets. One fancy label I could imagine a Tru or Prue wearing and a black and white check bomber style jacket from the 1960s. It is 100% Bri-lon!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Snuggie Spotting Update

The good burghers of Goulburn have it right, the Salvos shop had two Snuggies today - in the pet blanket box.

And I do agree with Sarah (Misfits Vintage) - better a crocheted blankie (a craft at which I would normally shudder) than a Snuggie.  Mind you, none of my pets would have a Snuggie either, although the ferret shows a worrying attraction to faux fur.

Speaking of Misfits Vintage - she's having a clear out.  If you're into vintage and like a bargain, check it out.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

4 in a day

I haven't seen one ever before, but yesterday I spotted genuine Snuggies in op shops.

Bargain Hunter, Queanbeyan had three.  Vinnies, Gungahlin had one.  I continue to have none.

For the record they feel hideous and are very light so are probably not all that warm.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

New (old) shoes

Working in downtown Mitchell has some advantages. I picked up these classic shoes at the Vinnies op shop in Gungahlin in my lunch break. I think they are mens shoes from the 1960s, but I couldn't figure out if the stamp on the bottom said 1965 or 1955...
Whilst doing some research to find out where these shoes were made, this is the only other pair of Dulwich shoes I could find. Think they were made in Adelaide, but I'm not sure.Very sexy buckle up loafers from the 1960s..
* * * * *

The other pair of shoes I picked up from the Mitchell Salvos op shop (also in my lunch break... on a differnet day) were a pair of Rocketdog shoes. I had a pair of Rocketdogs a few years back (also bought from an op shop but in Newcastle) and they were just as cool as these comfy little canvas shoes. They look like they have never been worn and been at the bottom of someone's wardrobe for a long time.