Sunday, 30 March 2014

Saturday Salvo's Shop

We have been on a bit of an op-shopping hiatus of late, but a spare Saturday morning
provided the opportunity to visit the Salvo's shop in Weston and Phillip.

Sodafloss purchased a Carolyn Taylor double breasted tartan jacket, and an old schools straw boater from Onley Headwear in the UK.
Some $2 CDs and a DVD, and some more patterns for the stash.
Thanks to the I-op Facebook group, we also picked up a Wacky Racers curtain, that will be made into clothing. Unfortunately it had already been put in the soaking bucket before I got to take a photo.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

is anyone interested in a Facebook I Op therefore .. group?

Hello, loooong time no post! I have been wondering if anyone is interested in a Canberra-centric op shop/garage sale group? Handy to let people know about things that you aren't going to buy and to share fabulous finds. I'd be happy to set it up and be an admin, but I would love another admin. I think a closed group is good because it means we can tip each other off. Some people may like to keep their thrifting quiet ;)