Sunday, 30 May 2010

If you look long enough ...

They say that if you look for long enough you will find anything at an op shop. On a wet Sunday Taph and I took a trip through the tip shops of Canberra.

We could not believe it when we saw this at Tinys green shed.

Looks like a coffee table, right.

That is want we thought, until we wondered why it would have three pairs of handles and screws on top.
Yep, it’s a coffin. We will add this to our list of things not to buy second hand.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Long Shorts

I had not been to an op-shop, fee or auction for months, but managed a 5 minute quick stop at Salvos in Jamieson a few weeks ago on the way to my daughters soccer match.

They had a heap of brand new children's patterns for 50 cents each. With a daughter who wears nothing but shorts 365 days of the year, it was a good find (now just to find time to get my sewing machine out!).