Friday 26 December 2008

Things that should NOT be bought second hand, ever

While we are all into buying second hand material and giving it a second life, there are times when you are out shopping for second hand material and you come across stuff that you know you should never, ever, buy second hand. When Taph and I have been on our foraging trips we have sometimes come across some things that are like this, and sometimes, we just put them back, but other times, we have remembered to take photos of them so we could post them here.
This is just so wrong and Aussie junk should never have put them on display. I mean who would even consider buying such a thing from Aussie Junk.
Spotted this in the Canberra Times ad-hoc section (On Tuesday 16 December). I do not know if the person is serious or having a joke on Canberra, but I was not going to ring them to find out.
Really would anyone buy this second hand. Guys, a word of advise here, if you are going to buy something like this for your Significant other, THEN BUY IT NEW.
The good old personal massager, never buy one used as you never know where it has been massaging.

Oh, one other thing, remember to take baby wipes with you, because after handling this lot, we needed to wash our hands.

Let us know about your finds at ops shops, or at least the stuff you find that should not be there.


Emma Davidson said...


Less distasteful, but also not to worth buying second-hand unless you know and trust the seller: baby car seats. Once they've been in an accident, the foam could have compacted from the impact. That's what these seats are designed to do, so your child's spine doesn't have to compact on impact... so don't buy second-hand unless you trust the seller when they say it's never been in an accident. Also, car seats only have a 10 year shelf life - things can deteriorate after this time, affecting safety. But a trustworthy seller could tell you how long ago it was originally bought (hopefully it wasn't on the shop shelf for too long before first purchase).

AMCSviatko said...

On a similar vein: you should always buy bicycle and motorbike helmets new for the same reason.