Friday 26 December 2008

On next weeks show, ‘teaching grandma how to suck eggs’.

A couple of days before xmas I heard a little segment on ABC radio, called “how to beat the man and save money” presented by Johnno “beat the man” Atkins.

His ideas on how to save money.

  • Buy stuff with the markdown sticker, ease yourself into this, by just buying one markdown item.
  • Buy marked down bread (if you are going to be eating and finishing it the next day).
  • Keep a diary on when supermarkets mark down their foods and look for a pattern in these markdowns (ie bread gets marked down at 8:30pm, BBQ chickens get marked down at 4pm) and plan your shopping accordingly
  • Follow the person with the markdown stickers. Stay about 10 meters behind them, and when you see them marks something down wander over and see what it is.
  • Go to the local club, they have free water, lots of TVs showing many different stations, and air-conditioning. Just perfect for a summers afternoon.
  • Get the discount vouchers. There is nothing wrong with a Tuesday $6 steak, however avoid the marked down oysters.
  • BBQ chooks get reduced in the evening.
  • Steal salt and pepper from restaurants.
  • The library has free Movies, DVD, Books and Internet. So borrow them.
  • Leftovers save you having to buy lunch, or morning tea.
  • Use the toilets / showers at your workplace, etc. this can save you in the long term.

But don’t we all do this to save money. And what is their next show going to be on, ‘teaching grandma how to suck eggs’.

I found the web link to his page. His programs are a little tongue in cheek, but is worth listening to.

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