Saturday 27 December 2008

Post-Christmas Op Shops

What a disappointing morning. There were only 3 garage sales advertised in the Canberra Times, and nothing listed on All Classifieds.

We went to the Mugga Lane Aussie Junk - and there was nothing there. They are arranging their stuff in cabinets, and I couldn't find the clothes and linen section anywhere. Narhhh - not worth going.

Then to Vinnies in Woden - not open, and ducked up to the Salvos, This was better - I unearthed 5 books for a dollar.

I committed evironmental Hari Kari and went to Sam's Warehouse... found packets of 18 Christmas Cards for 50 cents. OK - and will make a great base for card making next year.

There was nothing much to be found at Salvo's Jamison either... Well they do have a major sale on till early January, but nothing there rocked my boat.

I definately prefer garage sales and auctions to the op shops these days... there is still the rummage factor there, and a chance to bargain a real bargain in the process.

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Emma Davidson said...

I saw something really good at one of the Woden op shops. So don't go back there, because I want it! Just waiting for an opportunity to go out without the little girl I want to give it to :)