Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Two quick things about Vinnies Belconnen

When I visited Vinnies Belconnen today I saw two interesting signs on their door:

1. This weeks Special: Ladies Tops and Slacks, only $2 each. I assume this sale finished on Saturday 3 October.

2. Starting the first Monday in October, they will be having "Half Price Mondays". I assume this starts on Monday 12 October as the fifth is a public holiday. The sale excludes their "blue ribbon" and "bric-a-brac in cabinets".

Can the hive mind let me know if this is happening at other Vinnies shops in Canberra?

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Two day clothing sale at Vinnies Belconnen

Vinnies Belconnen are having a two day clothing sale on Friday (23 September) and Saturday (24 September).

All womens clothing will be marked down to

$3.00 Tops
$4.00 Skirts Blouses and Pants

Naturally get in early for the best bargains.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Spring = Fete season

Unfortunately, no op-shopping for me lately. But, my lovely sister picked up this badge for me on a recent trip to Bendigo.

I did manage to get to two fetes today - picking up an assortment of books, DVD and two fabulous patterns. I would love to see the hat and sun-dress ensemble on the streets of Canberra this summer.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

A truncated trip

Today was the beginning of my first two day weekend since July 25th. I had to feed friends' cats this morning and decided the only thing to do next was a quick visit to the op shops in Mitchell and Belconnen (my poor Salvos card is feeling lonely: it was last stamped on August 14th.)

I've recently smashed the light fitting in the hall when changing the bulb and knew I'd find one on my next op shop trawl: and I did. For $5. I also picked up a Midnight Oil best of CD for $3.

Salvos Mitchell news: all books are half price. Ditto bric a brac. And if you're in the market for curtains, there's a supermarket trolley full of part bolts of brand new curtain fabric (mainly fawns and pinks and creams and whites) for $10 a bolt. And the most recent estimation of an opening date for the new store is October 24th: Ken, if you're reading this, can you let us know when it's finalised?)

On the way down the GDE to Belconnen my work mobile rang. I should have stopped there and then to deal with it but, oh no, I continued on my merry way to Belconnen. Got Rock Star parking outside Salvos, checked my messages and turned the ignition straight back on: I had to go in to work...

To make up for my disappointment, I'd love to hear your recent op shop adventures!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Dressing for Sales

In my previous post i mentioned "putting on my op-shopping shoes" which lead to some readers asking me what i meant. Also with their being so many shows and newspaper columns on how to save money, i felt i should write a How to suck eggs piece. If you are going to a sale like the recent sale at Vinnies where you can expect to be fighting the hoards, then there are some things you need to bring, and wear, which will make things go easier for you.

Up-top: wear a few layers and make sure your bottom layer is a thin t-shirt or similar. This way if you want to try on a Shirt / Blouse or Top you do not have to queue for the change-rooms, but you can strip back to your T-shirt in the middle of the shop and try that top on.

Down below: It goes without saying that the change rooms at most sales are not very secure, and mostly are just a curtained off area, so you may be walked in on. Clean undies are a must.
Shoes: On a good day you may be going into the change rooms several times, so you want shoes that you can get on and off easily, so i recommend slip-ons or sandals, and nothing that requires a lacing up. Also if the floor in the change rooms is a little grotty, then you may want to consider a shoe and pants combination, where you can get the pants off, without removing your shoes. Also if you want something to go with a particular pair of heels, then bring them in a bag.

Extras: if you can hide a small bottle of water in your bag, then do so. Epically if you are planning on spending more than two hours shopping. Also if it is a big sale you may have to consider having your own bags so you can cart round your intending buyings. Some places will have shopping baskets, but i was caught out at the Vinnies sale as they did not provide shopping baskets.

If you have any other ideas as to what to wear when op-shopping then post them up here.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Blogging on the run

You may have noticed that my last couple of posts have come from my mobile phone.  I'm loving being able to blog quick posts on the run rather than waiting until I get home to share information (particularly useful if there's a mega-sale on, for example).

You can alter your settings while logged in to Blogger to email blog posts or even post by SMS.

My telephone allows me to email. All I need is an email address to send my post to.

To get that, log in to Blogger and go to the I op blog.  Click on the *settings* tab, then the *email and mobile* option.  From here you can personalise an email address so that when you send to that address it publishes in the blog or saves it as a draft post - your choice.

If you can't MMS, you can registr to post by SMS by going the *mobile devices* section of the *email &and mobile* option of *settings*.

Op Shopping @ Hawker

This Saturday, 6 Sept @ Christ Church, Hawker. Corner Belconnen Way & Beetaloo St. Pre-loved clothes, trading table with plants cakes etc. Free tea/coffee.

---- Sent from my 3 mobile

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Vinnies Warehouse Sale

The Canberra Weekly of 1 Sept reports that 2,500 shoppers attended the Vinniees Warehouse sale a couple of weeks ago.

The sale raised 23,000 dollars for Vinnies Youth.

There are plans for another sale next year.
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