Thursday 3 September 2009

Blogging on the run

You may have noticed that my last couple of posts have come from my mobile phone.  I'm loving being able to blog quick posts on the run rather than waiting until I get home to share information (particularly useful if there's a mega-sale on, for example).

You can alter your settings while logged in to Blogger to email blog posts or even post by SMS.

My telephone allows me to email. All I need is an email address to send my post to.

To get that, log in to Blogger and go to the I op blog.  Click on the *settings* tab, then the *email and mobile* option.  From here you can personalise an email address so that when you send to that address it publishes in the blog or saves it as a draft post - your choice.

If you can't MMS, you can registr to post by SMS by going the *mobile devices* section of the *email &and mobile* option of *settings*.

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