Saturday 19 September 2009

A truncated trip

Today was the beginning of my first two day weekend since July 25th. I had to feed friends' cats this morning and decided the only thing to do next was a quick visit to the op shops in Mitchell and Belconnen (my poor Salvos card is feeling lonely: it was last stamped on August 14th.)

I've recently smashed the light fitting in the hall when changing the bulb and knew I'd find one on my next op shop trawl: and I did. For $5. I also picked up a Midnight Oil best of CD for $3.

Salvos Mitchell news: all books are half price. Ditto bric a brac. And if you're in the market for curtains, there's a supermarket trolley full of part bolts of brand new curtain fabric (mainly fawns and pinks and creams and whites) for $10 a bolt. And the most recent estimation of an opening date for the new store is October 24th: Ken, if you're reading this, can you let us know when it's finalised?)

On the way down the GDE to Belconnen my work mobile rang. I should have stopped there and then to deal with it but, oh no, I continued on my merry way to Belconnen. Got Rock Star parking outside Salvos, checked my messages and turned the ignition straight back on: I had to go in to work...

To make up for my disappointment, I'd love to hear your recent op shop adventures!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of getting a new job? You sound like U R being exploited!

AMCSviatko said...

It's not what it looks like: I'm a casual and so it's my choice if I want to work or not. And if the work's there and the pay's good I'm happy to do it (which will make up for the times when the work isn't there and I'll have lots of time to go op shopping)