Tuesday 29 September 2009

Two quick things about Vinnies Belconnen

When I visited Vinnies Belconnen today I saw two interesting signs on their door:

1. This weeks Special: Ladies Tops and Slacks, only $2 each. I assume this sale finished on Saturday 3 October.

2. Starting the first Monday in October, they will be having "Half Price Mondays". I assume this starts on Monday 12 October as the fifth is a public holiday. The sale excludes their "blue ribbon" and "bric-a-brac in cabinets".

Can the hive mind let me know if this is happening at other Vinnies shops in Canberra?

1 comment:

Taphophile said...

Seem to recall a half-price Monday's sign at Vinnies Tuggeranong week before last.