Monday 5 October 2009

Goulburn and Garage Sales

A quick day trip to Goulburn on Saturday, I had actually remembered to look up potential garage sales on Saturday night. Managed to make it to three garage sales - including one at St Andrews church, where I picked up some great haberdashery bits for between 10 and 40 cents. I also purchased a Mary Poppins book and scarf for Sage - she took them before I got to take a photo. I also purchased a box of old soft drink bottles - these are still outside, waiting to be washed.

Visiting Red Cross, the Smith Family and Vinnies - my only purchase was these fabulous bowls for 50 cents each. They are in great condition - so now I will be searching for more in the setting.

Rotary was having a book fair - only advertising I saw was a sign on the street. I picked up some vintage Little Golden Books and a Asterix book, for my other daughter. Did not realise it was in French until I gave it to her, oh well - another one for her collection!


AMCSviatko said...

Are the bowls Crown Lynn? If so I spotted a matching side plate at the huge second hand shop next to the old (colsed on the weekend) Vinnies opposite Woolies. I think I may have seen some at Salvos Mitchell as well but that was a while ago...

LaLa said...

Any hints on where to look up Garage sales, fetes etc?

Unknown said...

Yes it is Crown Lynee - Prestige. I did not get to the Vinnies near Woolworths - I will be adding this to my list of 'plate patterns' to look for.

I found the garage sales for Goulburn advertised here:

Fetes - I tend to look out for as many road signs as possible!