Thursday 8 October 2009

Op-shop review - Pandoras O'Connor and Hawker Coffee Op-Shop.

Taph and I decided to visit a couple of smaller op-shops that live around Canberra.
Our first visit was a little while ago to Pandoras in O'Connor. This little op-shop operates from a Tin shed out the back of The Anglican Church of St Phillips in O'Connor. Prices are a reasonable, but range is limited due to the size, and opening hours of the shop (currently Friday and Saturday mornings only). However they have tea and coffee available for a gold coin donation. The Other visit was to the Coffee Op-Shop that operates at the Christ-Church at Hawker (another Anglican Church). This op-shop operates between 9am and 12, on some Saturdays where they convert the back of the church into an op shop. Once again, as this is a part time op shop, the range is limited and the prices are little on the high side.

Their books are a little pricey, with hard covers costing $3, but paperbacks are only a $1.
They also offer Tea, Coffee and cakes. We did not get a chance to try these, but the cakes they put out for another customer looked very tasty.

There was not much there we wanted however with did find 2 Ripping Yarns videos, two books and a "sporran" that ended up costing us around $9 all up.

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AMCSviatko said...

Thanks: I've been meaning to cover these two for ages...