Friday 21 August 2009

Much Madness in Mitchell

As The Shopping Sherpa pointed out, Vinnies in Mitchell was having a two day Warehouse sale.

So on Friday morning i put my op-shopping shoes on and set of for the Mitchell Vinnies store.

I realised the sale was popular when i was one street away and saw cars parked everywhere. Although they did have some sense and have one set of doors marked as in and another as out. As you walked in you were given a price list and they also had a sausage sizzle going and had hired two porta-loos that were setup in the car park.

Once inside i saw that they had not renovated the old shop, but had instead added two extra rooms, which doubled the space of the old shop. Clothing and shoes where everywhere, and piled high.

And for some reason (that only ever happens in op-shops and Best and less, the mens wear was hidden at the back right of the shop.

I found nothing i wanted in the mens pants area although as i was leaving i ran into a friend who had picked up a Duck-down jacket. The price list said jackets are $7.00, so i have to assume she got it for that.
After, i went round to the Mitchell Salvos store. I saw a number of faces there that i had seen earlier at Vnnies, so i have to assume they were doing ok too.


AMCSviatko said...

Had they mentioned books, curtains and sheets in the ads I would have taken the day off to be there!

Can't wait to see the photos. Anyone else make it along today and have a story to share?

Zoe said...

Planning an early visit tomorrow!

And sad to miss you at &Duck's studio opening, Sherpa. Hope you liked the snacks ;)

Zoe said...

Ordinary Vinnies in Mitchell was packed today. I mean packed. We cut and ran.

Miss Andrea said...

Nice post, Old Flame. I actually had the day off on Friday by chance, so I met a friend (with small baby) over there in the afternoon.

After two hours of solid opping, we had not examined the half of it, but still came out with kilos of fine buys each.

We indulged our personal fetishes - I ended up with four jackets (@$7 each, including a violet tailored Perri Cutten and a genuine vintage brown velvet) while my friend ended up with about 6 pairs of cords, all different colours.

The atmos was good - everyone was very friendly and up for a chat, Interesting to see an influx of blokes esp. tradie-types after 4.30pm. A new trend in opping?

The Friday visit was definitely the go!