Sunday 30 March 2014

Saturday Salvo's Shop

We have been on a bit of an op-shopping hiatus of late, but a spare Saturday morning
provided the opportunity to visit the Salvo's shop in Weston and Phillip.

Sodafloss purchased a Carolyn Taylor double breasted tartan jacket, and an old schools straw boater from Onley Headwear in the UK.
Some $2 CDs and a DVD, and some more patterns for the stash.
Thanks to the I-op Facebook group, we also picked up a Wacky Racers curtain, that will be made into clothing. Unfortunately it had already been put in the soaking bucket before I got to take a photo.


Unknown said...

Those patterns look so awesome! Can't wait to see what comes of them!

Louise said...

Awesome finds! I really need to start op-shopping again! xx