Friday 21 November 2008

Bargain at Aussie Junk - Mitchell

DH called into Aussie Junk this afternoon for a wander, and wanted to spend a little bit of money on his EFTPOS card - but we needed to make it up to $10. There was an unusual tin on the counter, and upon inspection, inside was 80+ Hobbytex paint tubes. Bargain for $13 wasn't it. Funny thing is that I have had 2 conversations recently with people saying they would love to find some HobbyTex... Now I have some (again - yes I used to do HobbyTex). some of them even work without having to replace the tip...

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Pauline Laing said...

Hi Janet,
Snap! I just op shopped a big lot of Hobbytex too here in Melbourne. I wondered what to do about the dried tips though, and got searching for information. Your comment about replacing tips was all I needed - I never knew they were still running, and sold replacement tips! So thanks for getting me on the right track!