Sunday 30 November 2008

Curtains and carrots

The net curtains in my front upstairs room (aka The Room of Shame) are fugly. Two layers of flouncy patterned fugly. They're also ever so slightly torn (a wee accident when shifting a dolls house which I haven't got around to sewing up just yet, mainly because I was hoping to replace them rather than mend them)
The curtains in the other two upstairs rooms are not my taste but at least they don't give me the screaming heebie jeebies every time I see them:(frugalled here)

Finally, yesterday, I found another pair of not my taste net curtains to replace the heebie jeebie curtains: Bargain Hunter, $6. I haven't put them up yet so there's a very slight possibility they won't fit.

The only other thing I bought in my Queanbeyan Crawl was a pure cotton single sheet:Bargain Hunter again, $5. I plan to turn it into a Christmas present.

And the carrots and broad beans? A gift from Happy Spider 's garden.

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