Wednesday 26 November 2008

Taph's FAFing About* - Second-Hand Sunday 20 November

After an early night and a leisurely breakfast, we hit the streets of Gungahlin for Second-Hand Sunday. We are really looking for a decent two-seater sofa, but we set out with open minds and hope in our hearts.

We score within the first hour - a 4 burner BBQ with gas bottle. I stand guard while the Old Flame returns home for the trailer. The owner is downsizing and is pleased to get rid of her almost new bbq. We've been discussing the need for a BBQ for months and have even spent time in retail outlets checking them out. This will do for now and suits the budget very well indeed.

We also picked up a crock for vinegar making (still looking for a vinegar mother - anyone?), a box of books, a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, some concrete garden edging and two 50s dining chairs.

We left this fella behind. Poor Humpty looked lonely on this hideous couch. It's not obvious, but his eyes and belt buckle are gorgeous paua shells and he nearly came home for those alone.

Tips for a successful Second-Hand Sunday.

1. Take your trailer or your brother's transit van if you're after big stuff, particularly if you're on your own. If there are two or more of you, then one can stand guard while the other goes back for the trailer, for example, but it's time consuming and dull (I had my knitting, so it was fine)

2. Do your homework. All of the participating addresses are up on the website in the preceding days. The night before, print out the areas you are interested in (we did Gungahlin and some of Belconnen), and make notes.

3. If you have a programmable GPS so much the better, program the streets and away you go.

4. Alternatively mark a map (or copy of a map) with the locations and devise a plan of attack. Frugal tip - there's a street directory that covers most of Canberra in the back of the Yellow Pages.

*FAF = Frugal and/or Free
Reprinted and enlarged from Unravelled Blog

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