Sunday 9 November 2008

This coming Saturday

is a big one on the Canberra frugallers' calendar with the YMCA garage sale (8am - 3pm) plus St Andrew's Village Fair just down the road in Hughes (9am start: I forgot to note when it ends). I suspect we'll then be doing Vinnies and Salvos at Phillip and still be finished in time for our usual tired and happy frugaller's lunch at The Chocolate Olive next door!

(Speaking of Phillip, has anyone else heard the rumour that Salvos is planning to open a new big store there with "300 clothing racks"? Or can I put it in the same category as the (obviously false) rumour I heard that they were planning to open a store in the Civic bus interchange where the Library used to be?)

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Janet McKinney said...

Ooooh Noooo I am committed next Saturday. Oooooohhhh what can I do????

Janet McK