Tuesday 6 January 2009

$5 finds

(Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa)

I'm not sure which I'm more stoked about: Essteele Australis 5.5L jam making pot, found at Vinnies Belconnen where I saw it as it left the cart of new stuff being put out and had it in my hot little hands before it had a chance to hit the shelf.

When I got up to the front counter, Francis-the-shop-lady said "Oh, that's a good buy. It's only that cheap because it doesn't have a lid". I explained that I was sure my glass frypan lid would fit just fine and that they'd just saved me a trip to David Jones (which was my planned next stop) where I was going to finally buy the Bistro stockpot I'd been hankering after since I moved to Canberra 10 years ago. All because I had a pile of oranges and lemons I'd been given which, after my first adventures with jam making, I wanted to try and turn into marmalade.

So Francis wrote out her never fail marmalade recipe for me while the woman behind me in the line waited patiently:

Francis' 3 Day Marmalade

6 pieces of citrus fruit
4 pints water
1 cup sugar per cup pulp

Day One: Grate the skin of the fruit then cut the fruit up. Place in the water and leave overnight.

Day Two: Boil about 10 minutes or until soft.

Day Three: For each cup pulp, add one cup sugar (or slightly less according to taste). Boil until the mixture sets in cold water. Bottle.

Across the road at Salvos I bought this for $5:
a CD rack (I think it was originally from IKEA but can't be stuffed going through my old catalogues) which just screams out to be turned into a 3/4 inch scale modern apartment/ holiday house... (Thanks to Mini Modern for originally mentioning the concept)

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miamoto said...

What a fantastic idea for the dollshouse!!! I'd definitely be stoked about that too.