Monday 19 January 2009

my best finds yet

Monday was the day that Another Chance reopened after being closed for nearly a month. I figured I had to get there on their reopening day, but not so early as to give the staff to time to price and put the new items onto the floor. I had some success as I was able to pick up these limited edition Zen range Tupperware containers. Not bad value at 50c each either. (Sorry, my red salt shaker is in the photo to give an idea of size).After this I went back into Belconnen and called into Vinnies, and got lucky there too. While I was there this staff member came out with the trolley which had four Johnson Brothers cups and saucers in the Summer Chintz Patten. This is the same set as my parents have and it has been out of production since 2003, so with a move as quick as a snake, I grabbed these too.

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