Saturday 10 January 2009

Winding me up

(Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa)

With a three day trip offering op shops and woollen mill factory shops aplenty, what did I chose to spend this morning doing?

Op shopping, of course!

With the best intentions I set off to Vinnies Belconnen as I'd finally clicked that when I bought my jam pot there was also a normal pot. And it was a brand Taph liked. So maybe I should just mosey on over and see if it was still there...

Alas it wasn't, but some of my fave op shop ladies were so we had a natter. Then I decided today was a good day to check out the hours on some more "second tier" shops so pointed Miss Daisy southwards.

But she misunderstood and soon I was parked outside Vinnies Tuggeranong in a car which fair oozed self satisfied and smug happiness at doing the right thing. So I had to wander in, didn't I? Especially since I've not been down since the day they reopened...
This, at $5, hit the basket pretty quick-smart. I figure Taph's always in need of one if I don't decide to keep it myself...

But then there was the $5 bag of mohair that I hummed and haaed over. I walked around the shop three times with it. I almost put it back twice ("I'm going to BENDIGO tomorrow! Why the hell am I wanting to buy wool today?")

But then I gave in and bought it. And once in the car realised that the interesting looking skein of pink stuff actually still had a label on it: Which made the $5 spend worth it for this alone, not even taking into consideration the rest of the bag:

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