Friday 27 February 2009

Another source for bargains, Embassy sales

Another good source for the occasional bargain is one of the many Embassies that are located in Canberra. Every so often they will have tender sales or Auctions of their unwanted furniture and/or office equipment.

On Wednesday 4 March 2009, the US embassy is having a Tender Sale of unwanted furniture and equipment. Inspection and bidding is from 11am to 2pm and the sale location is.

US Embassy Warehouse
Unit 18/1 Pirie St,
Fyshwick. A.C.T.

Remember, it is a Tender sale rather than an Auction or Garage sale.

In a Tender sale you wander around, inspect the items and place a Tender bid on them. At the end of the Tendering period, the bids are collated and the person who bid the highest for each item gets that item. The results are posted outside the embassy, and on the web. You then have to pay and collect your items in the period set a set time / date.

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