Thursday 2 April 2009

Folk Festival public service announcement


Community Arts needs donated materials for our creations this year. Do you have any of these you could fit into your backpack, boot of the car, suitcase, trolley or private jet to the festival*?

We have no money to pay for them but can guarantee them a good, useful life.

* lengths of timber, any width
* pieces of dowel, any length
* small cuphooks
* wooden toy wheels
* fabric pieces or lengths
* card-weight board - eg cardboard
* clean old cotton towels, sheets, pillowcases, nappies, rags clean socks and hats
* beads and old necklaces, broken or whole
* natural fibres - fleece, bamboo, raffia knitting yarns, knitting needles and crochet hooks
* decorative buttons, ribbons, feathers, thread, sequins
* egg cartons, small cardboard boxes
* coloured magazines and paper for collage
* old pure wool cardigans or jumpers for felt-making, eg shrunk in the wash
* wooden boxes any other interesting recyclable materials suitable for sculpture

A basic electric sewing machine that can sew forwards, backwards and zig-zag and an electric drill. We will use these for making banners and bunting and return them to their owners after the festival.

Please call Shane Marsh on 0406 375 691

(*Or I can arrange delivery)

1 comment:

Janet McKinney said...

Hey darls

AS you know, I have a collection of sewing machines, which can be loaned to the festival.

Otherwise, if I had the time, I could dredge up some other gear I am sure. Let's see how the weekend goes