Friday 29 May 2009

Baby and Kids Market

As Redmag posted the Baby & Kids Market has started in Canberra.

The next one is 20 June 2009 at the Fitzroy Pavilion, EPIC. 9am-12 noon.
Admission is $3 for adults, kids are free.

I've put the dates for this year's Canberra markets in the sidebar and you can sign up for a newsletter from the Baby & Kids Market website.

Did anyone go to the last one? What was it like? There were certainly a lot of cars when we drove past.

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Emma Davidson said...

I go to Baby & Kids Market every time it's on, it's great for second-hand clothes and toys. Picked up a $5 stroller last time.

Best times to shop if you're kid-free and bargain hunting, or if you want large items, is early. There's always a crowd waiting to get in at 9am.

If you're not so worried about missing out on a bargain, best to go in the last hour (from 11am). Some stalls discount their second-hand stuff, and it's less crowded if you're pushing a pram.

Stuff that is in usable condition but doesn't sell at the end of the market is donated to charity. The organiser invites a different small charity each time the market is on to take away the leftovers.