Wednesday 13 May 2009

More pears for the collection. And the return of a new old favorite

(Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa)

Hurrah! Yesterday I finally had the time to go op shopping. More importantly, when I opened my wallet I discovered there was money in there. Always a handy thing to have when you plan to go op shopping...

I did the Salvos Jamison/ Vinnies Belconnen/ Salvos Belconnen/ Salvos Mitchell run and spent $19 of my $20.

There were five more pears bought for my collection at Vinnies Belconnen:$4 for a container which included a pile of other mini fruit as well (which will be returning to an op shop near me in the very near future.)The colours are a little bright for my collection so I have plans to experiment with various paint finishes and see what happens.

The excitement of the day was this dress which I bought at Salvos Jamison:It was a complete rip off at $15 (I didn't even have a full Salvos card to bring the price down to something sensible) but I just had to buy it.You see, I have an identical dress which I'd just mournfully realised was really past the state to be worn in public after several years of weekly wearings through Autumn, Winter and Spring. It was inching towards the rag bag while I tried to convince myself I really couldn't decently wear it again. So to find a replacement was something to celebrate indeed, at whatever price...

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