Thursday 14 May 2009

Yass Op-Shops

Yass has two op-shops. Vinnies and a Salvation Army Red Shield Store.

Both are on Meehan Street, which bisects the main drag.

Salvos is Open 10am-12.30pm Thurs and Friday in an old church hall, so I can't tell you what it's like - we were there on a Monday. This is what it looks like, though.

Vinnies is just like any other Vinnies. We didn't bother to take a photo.

Prices are roughly equivalent to Canberra prices. Stock is similar. Clothing of all kinds, shoes, bric-a-brac, books, toys and linens.

There were some excellent linens the day we were there (but I resisted) and some very good woollens (which I didn't even try to resist). I brought home two new fine merino tops to use as thermals for $5 each, and a gorgeous woollen cardi in perfect nick for $20. That was a mistake, I thought it was $12, but we'd had a long day by then and I can be forgiven a small transgression.


Horse Feathers Saddlery said...

I'm a volunteer at Salvo's, so I can tell you exactly what it's like -- exceptionally cheap (forget the prices that op shops that think they're retail stores charge). Very little is over $4 and we're known for our excellent quality clothes (regularly new with tags) and a great range of linens, from vintage to modern. I know this sounds like an ad, but I shop at my own store and we have lots of regular customers that are our friends. It's a hub of giggles and gossip!

Yvette Adams said...

I was driving thru Yass last weekend and went up and down Meehan St looking for the Salvos and I couldn't find it! I didn't expect it to be open cos I'd read your blog post but I wanted to at least find it for next time! I just went to Vinnies.

Anonymous said...

Have just visited the 2 op shops in Yass. The Salvos were very welcoming and incredibly well priced.
The Vinnie's had great stock and fantastic visual merchandising, the prices well a little unrealistic.