Friday 5 June 2009

Jeans and kids' clothing sale

Vinnies Phillip has all jeans at $5 (that's half price) and kids clothes at $2.


Bron said...

ooh, did you see the fabulous green lounge setting out the front, though? It was awesome! I nearly bought it, except, well, I only have one lounge room! ;o)

Cheap Thrills said...

Trousers... I want to ask other bloggers whether they really ever have success in finding good, hip trousers or jeans in op-shops. I just don't think I can pull off baggies, acid wash or faux rips these days.

Must confess my 'buy of the week' was some awesome green cords at my other couturier, Tarrget.

AMCSviatko said...

I found a fabulous pair of black skinny jeans at Savers Footscray for $6.99 which are perfect for when I want to look like a true design student. And my friend bet me to a pair of straight jeans that I would have loved at the same store.

But my everyday wear them to death jeans and black trousers? Brand new (usually Target) all the way.

Taphophile said...

I've found good jeans in larger sizes but you do have to try them on - even if they are a brand you know suits you. I've found this out the hard way by getting stretched out or otherwise wonky jeans and trousers home.

My plan of attack is take out everything in my size then triage for condition and cut - doesn't usually leave that much and it's easy enough to try on those left.

It helps that I am prepared to take jeans up and to replace buttons, remove crappy trim etc.