Wednesday 10 June 2009

Jeans and the Op Shop

Cheap Thrills asked in the comments about the experience of buying trousers in op-shops.

"Trousers... I want to ask other bloggers whether they really ever have success in finding good, hip trousers or jeans in op-shops. I just don't think I can pull off baggies, acid wash or faux rips these days."

Good point. I've had my share of trews disasters, so thought let's open this topic up for discussion.

My general tips - take out everything in your size (or which looks about right). Triage for condition and for cut. Try on.
  • Make sure the snap and zipper work - replacing either can be a bugger, particularly in jeans.
  • For larger sizes in particular - look at the inside thigh seams for wear. It's the place of most friction and can make an otherwise great pair of trousers unwearable.
  • Another place of stress - the fabric around the zipper.
  • Also stretched out button holes. These can be fairly easily fixed with a few stitches to shorten the button hole, but it might not be worth it.
  • Look at the condition of the hems. They can be worn out and down-right revolting. Not so bad if you intend taking the trousers up, but can (in my view) completely let down an outfit.
  • Check for bottom sag and knee bag - once stretched out, they aren't going back in again.
  • Unless they are new, cords don't often make the grade.

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Cheap Thrills said...

Thanks for the tips. I guess trousers are to second-hand clothing as dining chairs are to second-hand furniture. They have both taken so much punishment before being handed on.