Sunday 12 July 2009

Second hand Show and Tell

(Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa)

It was wonderful to have time yesterday to do one of my favorite op shop loops.

First stop was Salvos Mitchell where I picked up a book and a paper making kit for $5 total (just what I need: another hobby. But for under $5 I figured it could sit in the craft cupboard until inspiration struck. And if that never happened I could donate it to the Community Arts tent at The National Folk Festival next year)
Salvos Belconnen provided me with three CDs for $4 each: Hoodoo Gurus' Ampology (especially pleased with this one as I don't have any Hoodoo Gurus on CD and this is a very comprehensive double best of collection), Norah Jones' Come away with me and The Whitlams' Torch the moon (another double CD which contained a cover version of my favorite Icehouse track)

Keeping to the music theme, at my next stop ( Y's Buys Belconnen) I picked up some recorder tuition books for $1 each. This week I rediscovered a recorder I picked up second hand ages ago and had the sudden urge to do something with it. So I'm planning to reteach myself to read music, a skill I last used about twenty five years ago. I surprised myself last night by discovered I can play Depeche Mode's Just can't get enough by ear...
And at Vinnies Belconnen I found this.... err... thingy for $3: No idea what it is but since it looked like it could be a spinny weavy type thingy I bought it on the off chance that it could be useful for Taph. Any ideas what it might be?


miamoto said...

If I'm not mistaken, that's an old reel of kite string that you have there - at least, I'm pretty sure. I remember the old kites that my parents used to bring home for me from Malaysia would have plastic equivalents of those attached.

I've played with one of those paper-making kits recently, as a craft project with my niece. I'd recommend trying to recycle the whitest, cleanest paper that you have - prettier results will ensue. Newspaper just gives you dirty grey results.

Fun buys!

Linda said...

Could it be a drop spindle?