Saturday 29 August 2009

Why you should think before you press “post”

There is an interesting flame war happening on the Riot-ACT regarding the Salvos Store at Mitchell.

It does raise some interesting points about op-shops running on a commercial basis, and charging a standard price across a region, but hey, they have to pay rent and some staff salaries. Also in a City a mobile as Canberra it is not uncommon for dedicated op-shoppers to visit the op-shops on the other side of town (lord knows, I have done this often enough). If I felt a particular op-shop was cheaper then all the rest, I would make a point of visiting more often.

Anyway for little bit of light reading, check it out

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Zoe said...

I think some things are consistently overpriced - but somethings are consisently under-priced too. It's also a matter of canniness - once you'd amassed a certain number of items at Aussie Junk, they were going to charge you, say $10, and another 5 items wouldn't change that.

I don't think that buying from stores like Millers or Go-Lo where goods are produced at great environmental cost in exploitative conditions in the third world is such a great answer.