Thursday 31 December 2009

about time

Vinnies' at Dickson has women's larger sizes at half price at the moment. Brings them close to normal price for sizes up to 16.

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lisakarie said...

I was in the Dickson Vinnie's earlier this week and the half price sale was still on, along with a few other bargains. I found quite a few goodies! I'll have to post some photos soon..My bag was full of:

Three pairs of pants-one black, one cropped green with big pockets, one pair of cropped jeans at only $5 each

Two tops-one Colorado silky rust and green stunner($6)and one turquoise and brown swirly number($5)

one skirt-beautiful and heavy ojay brand charcol grey with the original tag of $176 down to $15 (biggest splurge of the day!)

pair of new black slide on sandles-$5

8 kid's books-$2
(there was a table of children's books marked 4/$1.00)

9 stuffed animals/puppets-$3
(these were marked 3/$1.00)

a lovely beaded necklace-$4

Wizard of Oz DVD-$4

I'd also like to say how lovely the cashier lady was and how nice the clothes were all presented. They all seemed quite clean and ironed AND they weren't shoved so tightly together on the rack that you couldn't go through them!


lisakarie said...

eeek...I hate when I do that!

sandals not sandles