Friday 15 January 2010

Tinys' Green Shed at Mugga tip.

I made a quick to Tinys' Green Shed during the week. He is still in the process of setting up so he has limited stock. However his prices seem reasonable, as he charged me $5 for an armful of stuff i was carrying and i heard I say $40 for a Fulton Sofa to another customer.
But one thing caught my eye. Stuck on a wall next to the cash register was this sign:
In case you cannot see the text, it says,

Tiny's Green Shed Ebay policy
  • As you are aware, some items that we find only have a limited localmarket here in Canberra.
  • The items chosen for Ebay will stay in the shed for one week, with an estimated price on them. If you would like to purchase the item, you may do so at the estimated price. If you think the Estimated price is too high, then you are most welcome to bid on it on Ebay: Tinysgreenshed.
  • If you are the successful bidder you may collect the items in person from Tiny's Green Shed.
So Tiny is open about it. He will be selling the better bits on Ebay. This was a claim that was made against the previous Tip Face Salvage operators in Canberra, but I could never find any proof.


lisakarie said...

I stopped in during the week as well. I think this place has potential! I got a few fairly recent books and he only charged me 50c each. They were still putting stuff out when I was there. I'm kicking myself for not getting this big box of new, black heavy paper bags with handles. They were from a shop at the Hyperdome that must have closed.

Michelle said...

Well, at least he's giving us a week to get the good stuff at the shed. From all accounts the other fellows took the good stuff into the back room for listing on eBay pretty well immediately! And besides which - he's running a business, and he has to at least make a profit for success.

I haven't been to Tiny's Green Shed yet, but a friend did last weekend and picked up some lovely pyrex for me, and for a really good price at that. Bless her.

Anonymous said...

I think Tinys Green shed is a great place to shop, and get great bargains. The staff are friendly have great customer service. Do you know they have a charity day eadh month? All sales on that day go to charity. Tiny has a a great skiill in friendly customer service.