Wednesday 10 February 2010

On the road

TOF and I hit the road early tomorrow for a long weekend of op-shopping and relaxing. We're heading north to Nowra, then down the coast, ending up in Eden then back via Cooma.

We've prepared a hitlist of likely opshops using the telephone directories (love public library collections!), the Vinnies and Salvos lists and Yellow Pages Online, but we've probably missed a few.

Anyone got any South Coast favourites?

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Michelle said...

There is a great little Vinnies in Berry, and a good Lifeline (I think?) on the main drag of Kiama.
have a great weekend!!

Taphophile said...

Lovely, thanks for the tips, Michelle.

Darcy said...

It's a bit late now, but I come from Merimbula/Eden area and there are a few ideas you could look at;

If you go down on of the side-alleys there's a second-hand/antique type shop. Not that interesting if you're after clothes though. There are also two op shops down different side-alleys.

There's only one op shop which is pretty obvious on the main street. Although, there's also a second-hand/bric-a-brac place at Oakland's on the Pambula flats (between Pambula and South Pambula). It's run by Merv, my neighbour back home.

There's two op shops - Vinnies and Salvas, unfortunately not that close to each other. There's also a more commercial "Vintage" clothing store called Lily & Lola's - it's down the side alley that has the 2nd hand bookshop. On Saturdays or Sundays (I can't remember), there's also an op-shop/thing at the town hall (opposite woolworths and a bit to the right).