Wednesday 3 February 2010

rit dye - can't find any stockists in Canberra

Perhaps this has been asked before - but the only fabric dye I can find in Canberra is for top loading machines, and in very limited colours (at Riot, Spotlight, etc).

I want to renovate a cream silk top and have always had success with 'Rit' brand - but no-one seems to stock it anymore. Any leads on this?


Michelle said...

Try Big W and Lincraft. I've gotten it there before.

You can also try Eckersleys.

Taphophile said...

Possibly Eckersley's Art & Craft shop in the Canberra Centre near Borders/escalator to Dendy Cinemas.

Kylie said...

Addicted to Fabric in Phillip stock it :-)

Anonymous said...

I've found it at Lincraft, but it's also available on eBay for a comparable price even when shipping is taken into account, and there's a larger selection of colours. Can't remember the name of the ebay shop, but you'll find it.