Wednesday 17 February 2010

Coastal Tip Shops

Taph and i have been down the coast researching op shops and other second hand dealers. We may put up a travelogue of our trip, but here is a quick post about some things that struck me.

Most of the op shops we visited were fairly neat and tidy inside. There was one we visited that looked like a bomb had hit it, but it was not aligned to any organisation.

Recently Vinnies and Salvos have been engaged in a corporate branding of their stores. This seems to be having an effect as most shops we visited were neat and tidy, and had a similar pricing, as they all wanted around $5 for shirts. I also noticed that Vinnies in Bega were attaching a coloured tag to the sleeve of their shirts. This maybe to enable them to turn stock over in a similar way to the coloured tags at Salvos stores.

We visited Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla and Bega Valley Shire areas. While we were not able to visit every tip in the region, all the tips we did visit had a tip shop attached to them. About 18 months ago we stopped at Cooma Landfill, and asked if they had a tip shop there? We were told that they did not, and when we drove past on Monday we saw nothing to say this had changed.

The links below will take you to the webpage showing the tip shops details for each Shire.

Shoalhaven Shire Landfills and Tip Shops

Eurobodalla Shire Landfills and Tip Shops

Bega Valley Shire Landfills and Tip Shops

Jindabyne now has a tip shop at its landfill. while i cannot find anything on the locals councils website about trading hours and location, they are looking for a better name for it, then the Jindabyne tip shop. The competition to name it closed on February 1 and when i hear what it will be called i will post something here about it.

This also means the next time i go skiing i will have to report back about it!

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