Thursday 22 April 2010

Cover up

It's been a bit quiet on the op-shopping front Chez Taph and TOF (well there was that one time, at the Lifeline Bookfair $10 a bag sale..., but I digress).

Today I had the opportunity for a lunchtime rummage at Salvos in Phillip.

This is just gorgeous - not at all pretty, or even beautiful, but a gorgeous 1970s home constructed queen-sized bedspread.  Vintage 60s and 70s fabric squares machine sewed together, backed by old sheeting and with a brown skirt.  And mine for $5.


secondhandrose said...

Love it, a really great find.

AMCSviatko said...

It seems to have been a bit quiet on the op shopping front all round at the moment: I just checked and only three members that aren't Taph, ToF or me have posted anything this year.

With twenty members on the blog, I was hoping for more posts about what's new in the op shop world and the treasures you've unearthed. Just think: if each member posts just once a month that's a new post on average every day and a half. How great would that be?!

Elizabeth McClung said...

That a beautiful bedspread, I love the quilts of that style, the assembly of bits and pieces from so many projects and clothes from different children.

I am not sure what OP shop is? I will look for the definition - is it like charity shop shopping?

The last 'shop' experience I got was getting the delivery of 40 Hello Kitty and other large stickers (1.5 inches by 3 inches) for use on the postcards for the project I do - want a postcard, for free!), I got them all for $6 including shipping FROM CHINA - so if anyone collects stamps let me know and I will send them on.

I also got 17 books for $42, since they were $3 a manga volume including new releases of $15.95 each. I am very pleased, as the ones I don't read right away or have read, I will trade or gift to others.