Thursday 1 April 2010

Easter treasures

Reprinted from The Shopping Sherpa

I had today off and high on my list of things to do was finally get my knives and scissors sharpened for the year (a task which
is well overdue.)

As usual, I was asked to come back to collect my knives in a couple of hours so there was only one thing to do: continue on to Queanbeyan and check out the op shops there before dropping into Narrabundah and Fyshwick on the way back.

This collection was strongly influenced by
Ampersand Duck's fabulous work at the opening of Three Chords and the Truth last night at ANCA Gallery:($3.50 the lot)

D is for daisy. I seemed to find a lot of them today (plus a vintage set of Cuisenaire rods):(Cuisenaire rods: $10, bag of various fridge magnets including the d is for one above: $4, toy badge making set including daisy blanks: $2, white daisy buckle: $1, vintage daisy doily: 50 cents)

Also in the bag of fridge magnets (and the main reason I bought them) was this and a couple of similar vintage wooden magnets, which will be turned into brooches this weekend:Shown on my "new" trans-seasonal coat ($15)

Finally, I found this set of cards in Vinnies Queanbeyan for $1. I guess it's a game of some sort (there are instructions. They're all in Japanese) but I think the cards would look great hung on dolls house walls...

And remember, being Easter weekend most op shops are closed until Tuesday. If you get desperate it's Portobello Road at The Old Bus Depot markets on Sunday. I won't be there: I've spent my frugalling budget for the month...


secondhandrose said...

Wow some great finds there. Love the rods and the cards!

Miss Andrea said...

Dear ShSh,
When I were a grrl and lived in Japan for a year a long time ago, I learned to play this game with the cards. The cards are tiny but robust; we used to carry them around in our bags and play if a spare moment presented itself.
Alas I can't remember the rules so well anymore, but merely looking at your pics brings fond memories.
Miss A