Saturday 17 July 2010

A few minutes spare in Tuggeranong

Meant a visit to Salvos. $13 later I left with the following: Sheridan daisy sheet ($5), homemade toy gas station ($8) which I plan to renovate and (hopefully) turn it into a cafe and/ or gallery...

What treasures have you found recently?


Anonymous said...

an illustrated science dictionary for $2, a pink cd for $2 and a set of 4 katherine kerr books for $8, all at salvos westond

Unknown said...

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Sandra Eterovic said...

I haven't found any treasures, more like I have realised that my decor is beginning to resemble those tragics that you read about who bury themselves in their junk and are found years later by their distant relatives.
I love that house. Other than peeling off the daggy stickers, I think it's perfect as is!