Monday 9 August 2010

Move over Two Buck Chuck*

7.30am, Saturday.  The temperature is -1C. We're leaving town for a couple of weeks but there's a garage sale in a suburb near the highway so we pop in - it doesn't do to anger the frugalling gods by passing an open garage sale or op-shop.

Among the usual detritus is a full wine rack. 

"How much?" we ask.

"$2 a bottle".  TOF's on his knees in seconds, sorting through the small collection of reds, picking  out the odd bottle.  

We're in a bit of a hurry, though, so we grab the 13 bottles thay have. At $2 a bottle it is within our holiday budget and we load them up.  I figure we only have to get one or two decent bottles out of it and we're ahead.  The rest can feed mother (the red wine vinegar mother, that is).

We open a bottle at a caravan park in South West Rocks on that night.  Chateau Tahbilk (one of our favourite wineries) 1996 Shiraz.

Our verdict, bloody brilliant.

*Charles Shaw, American wine producer.

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