Sunday 22 August 2010

Salvos Jamison Centre: reopening

I don't know if it was because this Salvos returned to the space it originally occupied(as opposed to the Phillip and Mitchell stores, which moved to new premises) but I have to say I was fairly unimpressed (sorry, Ken)
First up, the "Grand Opening" sign was well hidden behind a donation bin (see photo one).

Then there was the Grammar Nazi in me which cringed at the new (unapostrophied) signage:I turned the corner, noting the new carpet, paint job and branding:(Yes, it looks brighter and cleaner than the old store)
The furniture is in the same place and I have to say I didn't notice much difference in ambiance...

But, as I turned round to head to the craft and book section this is what greeted me:
(That's a "Staff Only" sign on the door)
What! No craft section!?

Ken told me they were pushed to get things in order before the opening and the craft section would return soon. I though he meant to the same spot. But those doors look pretty permanent.

And the books have been rehoused next to the furniture:Which seems quite silly when the homeware section is now shoehorned in behind the mens' clothing (see picture 4 above)

All in all, I sadly have to say I'm giving the new Jamison Salvos a big thumbs down (even though I did pick up a brand new MIP Queen cotton valance for $5) and hope that I'll be able to change my rating once they've settled back into the space.

Did you visit on opening day? Can you convince me otherwise?

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Anonymous said...

i love people who hang shit on others in a public forum, it's always classy and much apreciated. also, maybe you think about why these stores are operating and how much they actually help the needy.