Thursday 23 December 2010

Simply the Best

Apartment Therapy (not somewhere I read but I followed a link), has complied a list of the best thrift stores and flea markets in the US for 2010.  Great if you happen to be travelling Stateside.

What about locally - what were your best buys this year?  Your favourite outlets?

Answers on the back of a postcard or in the comments - or even better - a post!


Miss Elle said...

My top op shops are St David's Manuka and Pandora's O'Connor for inexpensive, quality, show stopping items. My $5 bag from the Girl's Grammar Fete has provided me with numerous outfits.

Here's to another year of bulging wardrobes and excellent finds!

Unknown said...

After a op-shopping road trip through country Victoria, picking up a lot of dress patterns, I have not visited any op-shops in Canberra for a few months - hence no blogging updates.

Maybe after a summer clean up I will find some extra space in my house for some new op-shop finds.

Anonymous said...

Not St David's! I mean St Paul's! On the corner of Canberra Avenue. Woops.

Discovered a fantastic op shop in Holbrook the other day. If you are driving to Melbourne, I highly recommend stopping. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am.