Tuesday 22 February 2011

Living in the 80s

I've taken the liberty of posting Miss Elle's comments from one of last week's posts about her weekend haul because not everyone subscribes to the comments and I thought you'd enjoy it. 

It was so fortuitous that I logged on yesterday- I didn't know the St Ninian's sale was on and that's the sort of op shopping I love, poking around for some finds. Oh, I dream about the finds!

I found some fantastic 80's gear. I am having an 80's dinner party and picked up a marvellous wrap button at the waist, shoulder padded dress- very Ashes to Ashes.

I also observed another with an envious bounty- Lacoste skirt, tapestry bags, beautiful black suede pumps.

Hope you don't mind Miss Elle.  We'd love to se pics of your party.

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