Sunday 27 November 2011

Vinnies Monster Warehouse Sale - Bargains Galore

Last time I went to the Vinnies Monster Warehouse Sale, I picked up a skirt and a top, and a few books. I was happy. This time, I filled up garbage bags worth. I could have bought a lot more... Here are the favourites:

 Vintage sheets galore! 7 single sheets to be exact, at $1 a piece! This was definitely the score of the day, I love them :)

 Genuine leather clutch. Super soft leather and suede outer and leather lining. Inside it says 'Raymond Castles boutique. Studio Donini. Made in Italy'

 Framed vintage Pears advertisement, to hang in our bathroom

 Unusual gold stretchy waist belt.

 Witchery leather flats, brand new!!!

I went on day 1, and then back on day 2. I really recommend getting there on the 1st day - by the 2nd everything had been picked over and I didn't find much. They do add new stock, but most is added on the 1st day.  You can see the rest of my purchases at my blog, Simply Me.


thegirlhassparke said...

I could only go on the second day and didnt score a single thing so I think you must be right. Might try and get to the first day next time as you did so well :-)

Saucy Siciliana said...

Beautiful pictures, what a treat to look at them. I am following you from Rome, Italy!

lucia m said...

love that clutch!!

Hello Vintage said...

Love the shoes and the sheets are a bargain!

Juno said...
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