Thursday 26 January 2012


Op Shopping opportunities on a public holiday are limited, but we managed to get to both the Canberra tip shops today.

Bargains at both, some for us, some for gifts*.

Best buys of the day that we are keeping was a current (6 months to run) Entertainment Book with only the restaurant card and 3 of the vouchers missing.

and my longed for jam kettle.


It's aluminium so I can't use it for anything but jam. Condiments containing vinegar will pit the aluminum, so no chutneys or sauces, but it will do until we can afford a copper preserving pan. When that happens, I can die a happy and fulfilled preserver (shut up - you have a holy grail, too!).

These two items, as well as a few items chucked in (Tupperware wine goblet for our ever-expanding set, china noodle bowl for winter soups and stews at work and a souvenir placemat as a joke gift for a colleague) came to $10.

Speaking of tip shop finds, did you see what Misfits Vintage found at her tip shop recently? Pigeon pair to this find at Tiny's at Mugga Mugga a few years back.

*gifts of op-shopped items go to the cogniscenti only.

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