Thursday 17 May 2012

Hobnobbing with the boss

We need a dining table. How can I be a proppah wifey if I can't invite my husband's boss over for Coq au Vin and Bombe Alaska?

I've been looking for some of these since moving into our new place. We have two that I found in an ope shope when we first arrived in Canberra at the kitchen table.

That's our kitchen table. In very bad lighting. (I have a new camera and am still learning to drive.)

I found the four Hobnobs at the tip shop for $15! They have a different base to the kitchen chairs, but we can live with that.

I'm really after one of these.

image via

And I'm blithely optimistic that I will find one. I'd accept a white one. Or, and most probably, a Sebel rip off. Or just a round table. Or an oval table. See? I'm not that particular. Wish me luck.

image via

Saskia helped me clean the new chairs. (And I have a new camera! I mentioned that already...)

Dining chairs you can hose down!! Our dinner parties can get pretty crayayzeeee.

Now I just need to wash that table.

'Wass huns.'

Playing along with Sophie.


AMCSviatko said...

You might like to buy this IKEA version until you find a real one:

zigsma said...

Thanks, Shopping Sherpa!! Excellent idea!!