Wednesday 13 June 2012

Tharwa Antiques and Collectibles

Back in March we received an email from Yvette, who said:
"I'm a regular reader of act-opshopping and I wondered if you had Tharwa Antiques and Collectibles on your radar.  I live in Banks, only a few minutes away and I only heard about it a few months ago!  I went there last week for the first time and it was a treasure trove!  As well as antique and retro stuff they had lots of op shoppy type things too.  Haberdashery, linen, books, dolls clothes, kitchenware.  Some were op shop prices, others were antique store prices."
With a trip to Jindabyne planned for my birthday my friend and I decided to take a slight detour for lunch at Lanyon Homestead and a visit to Tharwa Antiques and Collectibles afterwards.

The building is certainly enchanting for these Canberra-based eyes:
(and the room of buttons kept us rapt for far longer than we'd planned): 
 But we could see what Yvette meant by antique store prices...
We decided it was well worth a visit while we were in the area, but not somewhere we would visit specifically.

Especially as the owner has a stall in one of the antique centres in Canberra (I have a pamphlet. Somewhere. I will add details when I find it!)

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