Monday 21 January 2013

Southside Samplings

We have squeezed in a few visits to op-shops on the Southside, in January (it is handy that a Salvos shop is located in the same area as our Doctors).

It seems there have been some cupboards been cleaned up over summer, and I have managed to add a number of sewing patterns to my collection. Just after Christmas we managed to find a set of leather bound Les Miserables books, published in the 1950's. Sorry no photo, as they were given away as a January birthday gift.

The Salvos at Tuggeranong is apparently way overstocked with books - we picked up a some hard copy Harry Potters for $1 each, including some with the 'adult covers'.

Vintage sewing patterns, a 12 cup Bodum, and European phrase book.

1980's dress

some Disney

ETA: with the Salvo's store - not Smith Family shop.


AMCSviatko said...

The Smith Family has reopened in Canberra?! Please share where!

Enviro bags said...

Those are nice items you have shared.