Sunday 12 May 2013

To eat or to op

Another opportunity to pop out to the op-shops at lunchtime with The Shopping Sherpa, this time to Vinnies and Salvos in Phillip.

The Vinnies store has made it a lot easier to look through their fabrics and machester - the 3 metres of red and while polka dot will be great for one of my daughter's textile assignments - at $3 p/m it is a lot better value than calico.

A few more patterns are added to the stash, all with a 1980's theme - a blouse pattern from the Brooke Shields signature pattern collection and a knitting pattern with each of the models standing in front of a 'popstar poster' (Madness anyone?).

Also love our 'The Ugly Dachshund' Little Golden Book.

1 comment:

Indy_Poppy said...

Found your blog today via the shopping sherpa. Love the book. It has a great dane on it. Definitely worth buying.