Sunday 11 August 2013

Winter wonders

I have a friend from out of  town who visits Canberra each year for the Craft & Quilt Fair. And it's tradition that we meet on the Sunday morning for Trash and Treasuring, followed by brunch.

This morning we went to both Jamison and Woden. And this morning we both bought typewriters (hers is a beautiful teal Olivetti, mine a more subdued cream Brother).
 I was excited to discover dolls house miniatures for sale at both markets and went a little overboard. The beady-eyed amongst you may notice a miniature typewriter beside the full sized one...
Other finds of the morning: a book on Banksy ($8), a rubber stamp that says 'bullshit' (50 cents), Powder Puff yarn for knitting miniature flokati rugs ($5, including colours not shown here). And a display case (not from Trash and Treasure but from Portobello Road at Old Bus Depot Markets) for $20.

And these mini socks were bought for me by my friend:
Because everyone needs miniature hand-knitted black and white socks, apparently...

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