Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas opping

Thought you might find a quick round up of some northside op shop Christmas trading hours useful (of course I should have thought of this before I left the house without my camera, so phone pics it is...)

Salvos Jammo:
Ys Buys Belconnen:
 Vinnies Belconnen (who win my prize for prettiest and clearest sign, but with points deducted for use of past tense for a future event):
 And Salvos Belconnen (Who win my prize for most confusing and negative sign):
 And, finally Vinnies Dickson which is also clear and easy to understand, with bonus points for outlining normal hours and wishing us a happy Christmas:
 Speaking of Christmas, here's further proof that you can buy anything at an op shop:

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ilmat said...

thanks for posting this, really helpful :)